“Bye Bye Macadam” by Rone

There’s something about Rone…

I discovered Rone a couple weeks ago thanks to Thom from Alt-J. At 40 seconds into “Bye Bye Macadam” I could feel my heart start beating again. The “drop” is definitely the wrong term for this feeling. Instead it should be called the “lift” with the ability to pull you up into another world and into a different mindset.

The video itself is pretty incredible visually. I am clearly a fan of black and white, the contrast and the simplicity of it, but this video makes it intricate and captivating. optical illusions, twists and turns brought together to create this fine piece of work.

I’ve listened to a few other works from Rone and I am a fan. Don’t be surprised if you hear more of them on here.


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