“Coffee Table”- Lemâitre

I really like this. That is all.

Just kidding. Lemâitre is a duo, Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lundfrom from Oslo, Norway.  They say they’re influenced by Daft Punk, Röyksopp, Justice, The Strokes, Ratatat, Phoenix, Noisia and Deadmau5. Some of their songs have more of an electronic feel and others are a little more indie. Sometimes it feels inconsistent from song to song, but both styles are great. They’ve been around since 2010, but they’re still pretty under the radar. Some of their top songs are Continuum and Cut to Black, but I really love the video and song for “Coffee Table” too. On their social  sites they actually speak in English and Norwegian, but (I’m pretty sure) all of their songs are currently in English. They’re pretty cool, and I plan on listening to more of their stuff.

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