So I used to do this thing on my Tumblr called “N-Tracks”.

It’s basically a list of 7 (unless I throw in a bonus or 2) songs that I’ve recently come across. The “N” stands for new as well as nostalgic, because I’ll come across both. Why I post those specific songs on the list is because I either want to share something that’s new to me (and maybe you) or to share something that I’ve loved for a while but haven’t heard in a while. I also started this as a way to keep track of songs that I come across, that way I can go back and revisit them. I usually include music that is indie-alternative and sometimes has an electronic or synthy flare. Today I made another list on Tumblr and decided to share it on here too. If people like the idea, I might continue them on here as well. Let me know your thoughts or recommendations below if you have any!

N-Tracks #14

1. “Not The Same”- Tanlines
2. “Open”- Rhye
3. “Reykjavik”- Brolin
4. “Down On Life”- Elliphant
5. “Wasted”- Camera2


6. “Nature of the Experiment”- Love In October (Tokyo Police Club Acoustic Cover))
7. “We Will Become Silhouettes”- The Postal Service


8. “Aquarium”- Nosaj Thing

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