Mini Playlist of the Day: Majestic

If you’re a music fiend, you probably already know about the majesticcasual YouTube channel. I could spend hours scouring YouTube for new music, old music and all the stuff in between. I think it was late last year that I really started getting into the magestic page. The songs they post are generally pretty indie-electronic, but somtimes they add hip-hop on there too. It’s all very chill- I think that magestic is actually the perfect word. It’s great to listen to at home lounging around, at work or watching the sunset on a bench overlooking the water. Check them out. My playlist today also features some great tracks posted by them:

1. “Latch”- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
2. “Fifteen”- Goldroom ft. Chela (Oxford Remix)
3. “Glow”- IYES (above)
4. “We Ain’t Them”- Childish Gambino
5. “Thinkin’ Bout You”- Frank Ocean (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)

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