Thor: The Dark World Trailer

Oh the anticipation.

Being a comic book lover (and not just the comic book movies), I was pretty darn excited to see this trailer pop-up all over the internet. Check it out above if you haven’t already.

Have you noticed that comic book movies have taken a really dark twist this year? Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Wolverine and now the new Thor trailer all have this deep, dark and dramatic feel to them. Clearly the comic-turned-movie franchises are taking some lessons from the Dark Knight Trilogy. These films look like they could exceed expectations solely because they’re evolving and learning from past mistakes. Just like real comic books, it’s not always about the action sequences, but first and foremost the stories, the relationships between characters and the characters themselves. Hopefully the days of crappy Fantasic 4, Green Lantern and Spiderman (the Tobey Maguire versions, especially 3… That was just terrible) are over!


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