“Schoolin”- Everything Everything

I had a friend send me “Schoolin” by Everything Everything last night and as soon as the video started, I was intrigued. Luckily I’ve come to learn that this person’s music taste is more than reliable. From there I went hunting for more and stumbled upon a few more awesome tracks like “Kemosabe” and “Cough Cough“, which are also a bit more recent.

Everything Everything is an alternative indie rock band from the UK. Each song seems to be built based on incredibly smart layers. It’s almost as if your ears are meant to weave in and out of each course and verse. One band they oddly remind me of is Woodhands, who never made it that big, but especially in “Cough Cough” they have similar sounds. Apparently one goal that the band has is to “avoid cliche”. I definitely think they’re doing that so far.

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