Old Spice & The “Blizkrieg” Technique


“Blitzkrieg” is not a new term in the social media marketing and advertising world. It is however, an underrated and fairly unknown way to market a brand. Interestingly enough, you may be more familiar with blitzkrieg advertising than you think. Even the Old Spice brand put the technique to the test with their Wild Scent Collection campaign earlier this year.

So what is the “blitzkrieg”? The term derives from a German “lightening” military tactic used in the Second World War. The German’s would attack quickly, unexpectedly and intensely on multiple fronts, inhibiting their enemies from properly retaliating. For their army, “lightening war” focuses on three main things; Disruption, constant motion, and utilizing the best military arms and tactics.

Old Spice’s Mr. Wolfdog campaign illustrates how these three tactics can be used to execute unique and impactful advertising campaigns. To read the rest of the article and how Old Spice utilizes this technique in more detail, visit: “Blitzkrieg Marketing In Action

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One thought on “Old Spice & The “Blizkrieg” Technique

  1. nice post and video. i like this video. thanks for posting it.

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