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Agency Life: Who Are You?

We all love stereotypes, don’t we?

Well, sometimes they can actually be pretty funny, and in this case, they’re definitely funny for people familiar with agency life. This image was produced for the D&AD launch party for guests. Whether or not people actually wore them is a complete mystery to me. It would be pretty funny to see people running up to each other just to look at the other person’s badge (at least, that’s what I’d be doing).




I guess mine would be “Accounts: I’m here because I’m ‘good with creatives'”- which is true. So true. What would yours be? Don’t see your position here- make one up and tweet me @tiffanymondesir!

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Internships: The Value of a Matchstick

“Founded originally as a consumer-to-consumer marketing firm pre-social media, the practice has evolved into a boutique social agency working with brands on a range of cool projects. Listen to what these guys have to say – it’s all valuable.”- AdBuzz

I’ve been lucky enough to work these guys first hand during my time here interning at Matchstick, and the experience is more than I would have ever expected. Each day I’m learning something new and valuable that I never would have learned in a classroom. I would recommend an internship here to anyone just finishing up school or someone looking to break into the social and digital realm of marketing and advertising.

Match pic

If you’re not from Toronto (or even if you are), I recommend doing some research for a smaller agencies that are willing to take on interns or entry level applicants. I have a few friends that went straight from graduation to working at JWT, one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. One of them said it was daunting, stressful and right from the beginning she was overwhelmed and under-prepared. She said one day she might be ready to go back, but for now she ended up getting something full-time at a smaller agency and she loves it.

I know people don’t really want to do internships now-a-days, and they want to just jump right into the “real world” but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Right after graduation I spent 4 months only looking for full time positions and didn’t find squat. Every “entry level” position I searched out still wanted 3-5 years of experience I didn’t have, and people who had it were getting in before me. Honestly though, looking back I thought I would have been ready to jump in anyways, but the amount of stuff I know now versus then makes me think maybe I wasn’t ready. Who knows. All I know is that everything happens for a reason, and I feel like this internship has at least put me on the right path, which I’m more that grateful for.

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