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N-TRACKS: February


1. “Gooey”- Glass Animals [ABOVE]
2. “Tear It Down”- The Aston Shuffle (Safia Remix)
3. “Habits Of My Heart”- Jaymes Young (Sufjan Stevens Remake)
4. “Demons”- Fenech Soler (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
5. “Stay High”- Tove Lo (Sabotage Remix)


6. “Sock It 2 Me”- Missy Elliott (Kaytranada Remix)
7. “Toms Diner”- Suzanne Vega

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Mini Playlist of the Day: Chet Faker & Flume

Chet Faker solo: Amazing. Flume solo: Amazing.

So what happens when you have two amazing artists come together? You get something magically mesmerizing. These artist’s styles aren’t all that similar as solo acts, but that whole opposites attracts thing really takes into effect here; they compliment each other incredibly well! Flume’s mixes with Chet’s wonderfully sexy, sultry voice means eargasms all over the place. (And yes. I just said eargasm). With the release of their latest collab, “Drop the Game”, I’ve decided to pay tribute and put together this mini-playlist. Enjoy!

1. “This Song is Not About a Girl”– Chet Faker & Flume
2. “What About Us”– Flume & Chet Faker
3. “Drop the Game”– Chet Faker & Flume (above)
4. “Left Alone”– Flume ft. Chet Faker

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Mini-Playlist of the day: WhoMadeWho


Six months ago I stumbled onto WhoMadeWho’s “Inside World”. It was instant love! I decided to check out more of their songs at that point, but unfortunately, for some reason I wasn’t falling in love with anything else from them at the time. When this happens, I’ll often try revisiting the band at some later date just to see if there is something I missed.

Plus sometimes even with music, you can be blinded by love and stuck in the “nothing is better than this” mode. Today I’m sharing a couple more songs I’ve been able to open up emotionally to:

1. “Greyhound”- WhoMadeWho
2. “The Sun”- WhoMadeWho
3. “Inside World”- WhoMadeWho (Acoustic) (Above)
4. “Space For Rent”- WhoMadeWho
5. “Keep Me In My Plane”- WhoMadeWho

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Mini Playlist of the Day: The Grove

A couple weeks ago when everyone was at VELD, Lollapalooza or Osheaga, I was in my own backyard at The Grove Music Festival sponsored by Canadian Club Mixed & Ready. Although it was only a one day, lesser known festival, I had an amazing time. Originally the festival was to take place in Niagara Falls, and Macklemore was to headline the show. When they switched to Toronto, Macklemore dropped out along with a few others, and eventually Phoenix was officially set as the headliner. The line up was as follows:


Unfortunately I found out the day of the fest that Icona Pop ditched too. I was pretty darn disappointed by that especially after discovering they were at Osheaga the very next day. Maybe it would have been better if it was on a different weekend or something. It was a pretty cheap festival around the corner, so no complaints from me there. Here’s a mini playlist from some of my favourite acts from the show:

1. “Bourgeois”- Phoenix
2. “Dark & Stormy- Hot Chip
3. “Rain Of Gold”- Young Empires
4. “Burning”- Nightbox

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Cool Covers: “Tessellate” Alt-J (by Emily Donahue)


Woah! Mad respect for this chick. I often really dislike Alt-J covers because nothing can really match Joe’s incredibly unique voice. I was honestly not expecting much of this, especially with it being a Tesselate cover because I think Tessellate is such a detailed song and perfectly suited for Joe. But once again, I was wrong and this girl blew me away! Meet Emily Donahue, a 21 year old singer/ songwriter. Take a listen and clearly you’ll see that her voice is well developed beyond that of an average 21 year old. Great stuff. I think I might even subscribe.

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“It’s Not Over Yet”- Panama

Stumbled onto this today- and just like the top comment, “I’m wondering why this doesn’t have 10 million views”! Okay, maybe I don’t actually expect it to have that many anyways, but the view count is still pretty low for it being up since late last year.

The EP with this song, “It’s Not Over” came out last November. Panama consists of 5 guys hailing from Australia. They’re music is generally very chill, upbeat and slides right into that indie-alternative genre.

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Mini Playlist of the Day: Majestic

If you’re a music fiend, you probably already know about the majesticcasual YouTube channel. I could spend hours scouring YouTube for new music, old music and all the stuff in between. I think it was late last year that I really started getting into the magestic page. The songs they post are generally pretty indie-electronic, but somtimes they add hip-hop on there too. It’s all very chill- I think that magestic is actually the perfect word. It’s great to listen to at home lounging around, at work or watching the sunset on a bench overlooking the water. Check them out. My playlist today also features some great tracks posted by them:

1. “Latch”- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
2. “Fifteen”- Goldroom ft. Chela (Oxford Remix)
3. “Glow”- IYES (above)
4. “We Ain’t Them”- Childish Gambino
5. “Thinkin’ Bout You”- Frank Ocean (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)

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“Dissolve Me”- Alt-J (Marlais Remix)

Here’s a song for a night in- like tonight for me! I really love the calmness of this remix of Alt-J’s “Dissolve Me” by Marlais. The original of the song is great when you want an up-beat and happy song, but sometimes you just want something chill to. I know they have other really great chill songs already on their album, but alternative versions are awesome too.

Marlais has a few other awesome remixes and original stuff too, so I highly recommend checking those out [here]. If you like Clams Casino, Purity Ring or XXYYXX, I’d say he falls into their categories- whatever they are.



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