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Toronto Nightime Timelapse

Toronto the good from Oscar Flores on Vimeo.

If you’ve cruised my blog before, you may have noticed that I’m a big fan of time-lapses… Well there’s a new one based out of Toronto, shot by Oscar Flores, celebrating the city at night and per usual, I love it!

The city at night is a beautiful thing; the lights, the sounds, the energy and more. NYC has always been known at the city that never sleeps, and people have always compared Toronto to the same vibe. I’m not too sure how true this is (and part of me always doubts the comparison), but I do know that it’s pretty darn magical to witness either way.

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Versus: The Stars or the City Lights?

I’ve talked about the creators project before, and I’m always finding new videos from them that are both inspirational and awe-inspiring. “The Art of the Timelapse” features Michael Shainblum, a photographer/artist that creates amazing timelapse videos. To see his work, I definitely recommend checking out the video above.

In the video there is a part where he mentions his past film, “evolution”, where he contrasts the calmness of nature and the hustle and bustle of the city. I found this to be an interesting comparison, because it’ll actually a topic that comes up a lot without ever delving too deep.

If you live in the city, you probably can’t see the stars, and if so, not many. Whereas, if you live in a rural area, then you definitely can. I grew up on the cusp of a farm/country town in a little subdivision. I could sit in my backyard and clearly see the stars, or I could drive less than 5 minutes north and feel like I was seeing galaxies. Surprisingly however, I don’t miss it. Not one bit. I’m a city girl, and I love everything about it, including the hustle and bustle and including the city lights. I find them beautiful and ever-changing, depending on whats happening in the city, what office lights are on and off, and especially in Toronto, the changing colours of the CN Tower.

Am I alone on this? What do you prefer?

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Beer Entering New Territory


When you think of art galleries and creative social events, what type of alcoholic beverage comes to mind? Probably wine, right? Guests would likely be sniffing and swirling their glasses, all while commenting on how rich their reds are. The creative community is incredibly cultured and as stereotypical as it might be, is often associated with tapas and wine and cheese events. It really would be quite a challenge for any other beverage to break into this niche community, but if one did, what would it look like?

Apparently, it would come in a beer bottle.

Meet Collective Arts: ART + BREWING. With the recent explosion of the popularity of craft beers, it’s no surprise that founder Matt Johnston would view brewing as a creative venture. The notes and production of a brew become a work of art in his eyes, and what better way to convey that to the world than communicating it not only through  taste, but by connecting it to the creative community.


Last night, I was able to attended the launch of the Collective Arts: Series One, aka the first batch of “Rhyme & Reason”. The event was great. It brought together like minded people who appreciate beer, craftsmanship, art and music. Above you can see people interacting with the new bottles using the Blippar app (detail below) and appreciating the artwork at the same time.


Beautiful design, and wonderful pieces of art. I think Collective Arts becomes a great insight, especially in a city like Toronto. This city has a large arts community and culturally this fits. It would be really interesting to see whether this would be able to succeed in other cities around the world with similar cultures such as Montreal, Chicago, NYC, London, Melbourne etc.

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“Tunnel Vision” by Justin Timberlake

WARNING: This video is definitely NSFW, but if you’re alone and are completely into “adult feelings” then I totally recommend checking this video out.

I know the video is age restricted right now, but if you’re of age, you should definitely watch it. A lot of people associate those age restrictions with porn, but it’s not. Definitely not. When nudity is done tastefully and in a creative way to show the beauty of the human figure- that’s what I like. I feel like North America is really missing out when it comes to this acceptance of nudity.

A few years ago I had a layover flight in Paris, and I was shocked at first to see nude women on billboards. I was familiar with the nude figure at that age because of my art background, but it was still such a culture shock even after that. In Europe, public nudity like those ads and a video like this is seen as tasteful and respectful; it can mean something other than just sex. Just a thought: Maybe if we also learned to accept the human figure as a beautiful thing (and not just sexually), maybe then it would be easier for people to believe that their own bodies were beautiful more often. Anyways, I don’t like getting political or societal or whatever, so I’ll switch to my thoughts on to the actual video.

I love it. Bottom line, I love it. I think it’s tasteful and beautiful. It doesn’t over sexualize the women in the video but rather helps accentuate the meaning of the song. The only thing he sees is her; not her friends, not how much she makes, not the clothes she wears… just her. I think the projections on top of their bodies is beautiful too. I’ve always loved creative projections, but I especially like when he does his “tunnel video hands” in the back as she dances in front of them.

In contrast to the recent “Blurred Lines” video by Robin Thicke, I think this is done much better, and not in a way to send a message that has little to nothing to do with your lyrics (like Blurred Lines). I do appreciate that video and love the done, but I have more respect for JT as an artist after this one for sure. Let me know what you think as a comment!

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Classic Art Meets Modern Hipster


This is so great that now I’m not sure what’s better: Hipster Disney Princesses or this.

Pretty amazing concept from Leo Caillard, with retouching from Alexis Persani. These guys make classic art relevant again. Not sure what it is about hipster culture that is so easy to make fun of… I take that back. I know exactly why it’s funny. It’s one of those cultures where stereotypes are so true and so prominent in society that we all find the relatable humor in that truth. Everyone either knows someone who is a hipster, or they are a hipster themselves (even if they want to deny it).

Check out the rest of the images [here]. (via todayilearned.co.uk)

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“Get Lucky”- Daft Punk Radio Edit


So I feel really guilty about not posting for the past few days, so here’s something you can put on repeat and eventually you’ll forgive me. Last week I talked about Daft Punk’s “comeback” with “Get Lucky” and their new album, Random Access Memories due for release on May 21st.

Last week all we saw was a preview from Coachella, but even from that it blew up with a shit ton of views, remixes and people who don’t even keep up with new music talking about it.  I also saw people putting the previews together, making it about 3-4 minutes long and calling it the official song. No thanks buddy, we all know you’re trolling. Well, here’s the official radio edit (trimmed down from the actual album version). Enjoy!

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The Creator’s Project

Even though it was created just about 3 years ago, I stumbled upon The Creators Project again a few weeks ago. I know that I’ve run into some of their projects before but I’ve never really been able to delve in and discover more. Here’s a little blurb straight from their channel:

“The Creators Project is an ongoing global arts and technology initiative created by Intel and Vice in order to support visionary artists, musicians, and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression. The project includes an online community featuring daily editorial and documentaries, a content creation studio, and a traveling event series.”

It’s not just about music, and it’s not just about the visuals. It’s about both working together to create something truly original. Take the video above for example, “Eclipse/Blue” by Nosaj Thing; This video takes dancers, projectors, light, art and design work and mashes it up with an incredible song to convey something truly magical. If you can, definitely sift through their YouTube channel for some amazing videos that are innovative, captivating and educational (without feeling like it).

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Designer Wallpaper


I shared these with an art director/designer friend late last year and he loved them. If you are constantly using InDesign, Illustrator, Flash or Photoshop, they might come on handy for you too. And if they don’t I guess they’re just kinda cool to look at.


If you have one of the more recent versions of Mac’s Spaces (the ability to have different desktops), then you could definitely use all of them at once and or use a couple of them and still have room for personalized wallpapers. If you’re a beginner designer, use these as a learning tool too. Knowing tips, tricks, shortcuts or whatever you want to call them will definitely come in handy.


I’m not sure who actually created these, and I wish I could give them credit here. For all I know these are actually templates created by Adobe. If you’re any other type of designer or developer, I recommend checking [this] out for other really awesome wallpaper design tools.


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