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Beer Entering New Territory


When you think of art galleries and creative social events, what type of alcoholic beverage comes to mind? Probably wine, right? Guests would likely be sniffing and swirling their glasses, all while commenting on how rich their reds are. The creative community is incredibly cultured and as stereotypical as it might be, is often associated with tapas and wine and cheese events. It really would be quite a challenge for any other beverage to break into this niche community, but if one did, what would it look like?

Apparently, it would come in a beer bottle.

Meet Collective Arts: ART + BREWING. With the recent explosion of the popularity of craft beers, it’s no surprise that founder Matt Johnston would view brewing as a creative venture. The notes and production of a brew become a work of art in his eyes, and what better way to convey that to the world than communicating it not only through  taste, but by connecting it to the creative community.


Last night, I was able to attended the launch of the Collective Arts: Series One, aka the first batch of “Rhyme & Reason”. The event was great. It brought together like minded people who appreciate beer, craftsmanship, art and music. Above you can see people interacting with the new bottles using the Blippar app (detail below) and appreciating the artwork at the same time.


Beautiful design, and wonderful pieces of art. I think Collective Arts becomes a great insight, especially in a city like Toronto. This city has a large arts community and culturally this fits. It would be really interesting to see whether this would be able to succeed in other cities around the world with similar cultures such as Montreal, Chicago, NYC, London, Melbourne etc.

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