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Cool Covers: “Get Lucky”- George Barnett (Daft Punk)

This song is still just going and going…

I’ve heard A LOT of covers of this song and this is definitely up there with the favourites. George Barnett covers Daft Punk but removes a bit of the disco and replaces it with a little more edge. The ONLY thing I dislike is that weird “I’m in a club” horn. Other than that, I love his voice, the shakers, the guitar, the drums and even the little electronic break down. This cover is definitely worth a listen.

A+ for bedroom recordings too.

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Reckoner- Radiohead (ethikly refuckulated)

I don’t care if this person doesn’t want me to share this. I’m going to anyways…

The other day, my friend Nick sent  me this song as a link through Soundcloud. We have this strange routine where we sometimes talk to each other and sometimes don’t. For some strange reason, when we start our conversations, it always begins with a link to an amazing song- new or old. I don’t know how this routine started, but it’s pretty interesting since we did originally connect based on our similar taste in music. Maybe now it’s the only thing left that we have in common? I don’t know.

Despite this strange friendship/relationship/acquaintanceship we have, I’ve always admired the music he creates himself. It really is all in the details when it comes to this one. Whether you like Radiohead or not, this song is definitely worth a listen. It’s a really cool take on the original and it sort of reminds me of being in a dream. Maybe that’s just me though. If you like it, apparently it’s still downloadable…  so you should get it.

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Cool Covers: “Tessellate”- Ellie Goulding (By Alt-J)

Last year on my birthday the Alt-J album came out. Now they’re my favourite band. This year on my birthday, I discovered  this amazing cover of their song “Tessellate” done by Ellie Goulding.

This cover is sultry, sexy and I love the saxophones on the bridge. It’s very different and unique and she really made it her own, but I still think I prefer the original.  Maybe Alt-Js second album will come out next year on the same day (but then again, I’d hope for one sooner than that anyways)!

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“Get Lucky”- Daughters (Daft Punk Cover)

I like this cover a lot for what it is…

I absolutely love the original and I think that the cover sort of destroys the feel that a classic Daft Punk song is supposed to have. The original song has this amazing disco vibe that you just don’t get anymore (because clearly disco is dead… right? wrong) and I think that’s what makes the original so special and what got it so much hype in the past few weeks.

Once you separate this cover from the original though (which I think is hard for a lot of people) it is truly amazing. The new instrumentals and the female vocals make it feel like an original song perfectly made for Daughters. I really dig this version and would listen to this when I’m in a more chill mood, rather than a dancey one.

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“No Angels”- Bastille ft. Ella (TLC vs The XX)

I’ve clearly been on a Bastille kick today…

But luckily while on this kick I discovered this awesome track! It’s TLC’s “No Scrubs” mashed up with The XX’s “Angels”, with some Alfred Hitchcock thrown in (from the movie Psycho). I really love when artists make mash-ups and cover them. It’s so much more interesting than a regular cover and way cooler (although highly debatable) than a remix. Luckily artists do this a lot though. Here’s another one I love from Alt-J called “Slow Dre” which is a mash-up of Kylie Minouge’s “Slow” and Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg’s “Still Dre”. If you know any more awesome ones let me know in a comment or on Twitter!

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Cool Covers: “Tessellate” Alt-J (by Emily Donahue)


Woah! Mad respect for this chick. I often really dislike Alt-J covers because nothing can really match Joe’s incredibly unique voice. I was honestly not expecting much of this, especially with it being a Tesselate cover because I think Tessellate is such a detailed song and perfectly suited for Joe. But once again, I was wrong and this girl blew me away! Meet Emily Donahue, a 21 year old singer/ songwriter. Take a listen and clearly you’ll see that her voice is well developed beyond that of an average 21 year old. Great stuff. I think I might even subscribe.

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