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MiO Sport: Clever Annotations

Annotations: For those of you who have no idea what an annotation is, you’ll probably know what they were if I referred to them as those “clickable boxes you see show up on YouTube videos” (not the ads). Generally annotations are used to say “like this video” or “subscribe to me channel” or “click here to see another video”, but rarely do you see them used in new and creative ways.

Being able to utilize annotations creatively really means thinking beyond just the filming of your video. It means thinking interactively and directionally as to where the video could lead. One of my friends Corey Vidal showed really creative use of annotations earlier to when annotations were first introduced. Many YouTubers, or frequent users are familiar with them, but beyond that there are pretty unknown and under-utilized.


I love this commercial because it uses the social space to get people not just watching, but interacting. “Do you love secrets?” really taps into human nature and into people’s curious minds. The first time I watched this video I didn’t even hover over the screen once, but at the end when they mentioned that there were more hidden videos, I thought “NO WAY- how did I miss that!?” Upon going back you find a handful of clickable annotations that lead you to other videos and even some of those videos lead you to even more. Each additional side video brings you back to the original to hunt for more. For marketers, the numbers would blow you away just because of this one feature.

This video scavenger hunt isn’t new, but it is interesting, creative and fresh in the marketing world. MiO seems to have taken some “Old Spice” advice and isn’t afraid of being a little weird and a little different. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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The Creator’s Project

Even though it was created just about 3 years ago, I stumbled upon The Creators Project again a few weeks ago. I know that I’ve run into some of their projects before but I’ve never really been able to delve in and discover more. Here’s a little blurb straight from their channel:

“The Creators Project is an ongoing global arts and technology initiative created by Intel and Vice in order to support visionary artists, musicians, and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression.┬áThe project includes an online community featuring daily editorial and documentaries, a content creation studio, and a traveling event series.”

It’s not just about music, and it’s not just about the visuals. It’s about both working together to create something truly original. Take the video above for example, “Eclipse/Blue” by Nosaj Thing; This video takes dancers, projectors, light, art and design work and mashes it up with an incredible song to convey something truly magical. If you can, definitely sift through their YouTube channel for some amazing videos that are innovative, captivating and educational (without feeling like it).

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