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Agency Life: Who Are You?

We all love stereotypes, don’t we?

Well, sometimes they can actually be pretty funny, and in this case, they’re definitely funny for people familiar with agency life. This image was produced for the D&AD launch party for guests. Whether or not people actually wore them is a complete mystery to me. It would be pretty funny to see people running up to each other just to look at the other person’s badge (at least, that’s what I’d be doing).




I guess mine would be “Accounts: I’m here because I’m ‘good with creatives'”- which is true. So true. What would yours be? Don’t see your position here- make one up and tweet me @tiffanymondesir!

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The Innovation of Loneliness


“Our social lives become tainted and more demanding than ever before.”

Does social media really aid in how lonely we feel? A month or so ago, I shared a post about social media being directly related to the amount of anxiety a person feels; this is commonly referred to as the FOMO, the fear of missing out. Here is The Innovation of Loneliness video. I really love how this video is able to elaborate and expand this idea. The video says, we are sacrificing conversation with a mere connection.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.56.38 PM

Instead of engaging and really getting to know people, we are in turn getting to know their photos and statuses, rather than the person themselves: “I share, therefore I am.” We see who they want us to see. Only an edited version of themselves. With all of this, there has become a loss of complete interaction with others. Sometimes a screen won’t cut it and in turn we feel lonely. What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you agree with the points in this video?

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Mini Getaway: Mobile Reality Gaming


Back in 2010, Stockholm, Sweden was transformed into a living game board for seven days and nights as games were brought to life with the MINI Getaway Campaign. This large scale, capture-the-flag game, challenged players to hunt and catch a virtual car while staying 50 meters away from all other participants. The prize: a brand new MINI Countryman. The campaign was created by the advertising agency Jung von Matt and mobile agency Monterosa to introduce the new car. The video below describes the game in detail.

MINI hit the bulls-eye with this innovative campaign, engaging over 11,000 players, making countless impressions and reaching over 100,000 blogs worldwide. After seeing such large success the first time around, would it be a smart idea for MINI to reuse the game in another location, or should they quit while they were ahead?

In late 2011, the Getaway Game moved over to Japan, this time giving away one of their already popular cars, the MINI Cooper Coupe. The initial concept was exactly the same as the Stockholm version, with a few changes, including an expansion of the game playing area, the addition of two more days, and Android phone app functionality, allowing more people to get involved.

How well do you think this would do a second time around; Would it be just as popular in another city? And is this still “press worthy”? See the Japanese Game results and why or why not repeating an idea can benefit your brand [here].

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“Ratchet”- Bloc Party


This is just a quick need to share.

New Bloc Party video out as of yesterday. If you love the band or can appreciate some awesome post production work, this is a must watch. Although it does look like a major glitch attack, it’s done in a really creative way that makes you want to know what’s going to happen next.

Hate the name of the song. Love the song itself. And the video.

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Mad Men Typography

Mad Men Typography

Another Mad Men post- yay!

I was doing some research and happened to come across a typography post on marksimonson.com all about the type used in Mad Men. It revolves around the historical accuracy of the typefaces and design used in the era of the show. When learning things, I love learning them in relation to Mad Men, and I definitely discovered a few new cool facts about the small details most people would never notice. I enjoyed it, you might too.

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Hyperlapse by Teehan + Lax + Labs

Well this is different… Different and AMAZING!

Labs is an independent part of Teehan + Lax. They focus on how to frame and use technology in new and creative ways. I think this is really creative and pretty darn rad! This hyperlapse refers to the combination of the common time-lapse and a sweeping motion where the camera is focused on one point but still moving. Because they’re using Google maps, which is essentially still images and not a video format, this become extremely intricate and difficult to make because you have to frame each image perfectly and stitch them together so that they flow into a continuous moving stream. If you think of the way stop motion works frame by frame, this also works the same way image by image. Unlike the normal time-lapse videos where you just hit record and leave your camera out, this is much harder to create. Kudos to these guys, seriously!

Ps. Woo for Toronto for getting in there at the one minute mark!

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Smoothicles: Typography + Video


This series is fun, creative and not only beautifully shot, but also contains some beautiful overlaid typography from The Lost Type Co-Op. The videos were shot for Smoothicles, the website that shares some creative smoothie ideas that you can tun into popsicles. Perfect timing considering the weather is getting better day by day.

The way that the type is unique for every ingredient is really captivating and pleasing to the eye. It has a great flow and it tells the story really well. The combination of video and type in an instructional way really makes an impact. The video portion isn’t complicated either, which makes taking in both at the same time simple and fluid. I also find it much more compelling than most videos focused around type. I’m really looking forward to seeing more in this series.

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Everyone Loves Infographics Right?

Everyone Loves Infographics Right?

I happen to have a huge mega soft spot for infographics, especially ones that are beautifully designed and excellently laid out. And of course they’re even better if I’m actually interested in the content.

Infographics are like picture books. Fun to look at but they also tell you something. In some cases that something might be about the elements of design, social trends or something too scientific for me to understand without pictures.

What are some of your favourite inforgraphics? You can see a couple of my favourites posted on Pinterest.

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The Creator’s Project

Even though it was created just about 3 years ago, I stumbled upon The Creators Project again a few weeks ago. I know that I’ve run into some of their projects before but I’ve never really been able to delve in and discover more. Here’s a little blurb straight from their channel:

“The Creators Project is an ongoing global arts and technology initiative created by Intel and Vice in order to support visionary artists, musicians, and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression. The project includes an online community featuring daily editorial and documentaries, a content creation studio, and a traveling event series.”

It’s not just about music, and it’s not just about the visuals. It’s about both working together to create something truly original. Take the video above for example, “Eclipse/Blue” by Nosaj Thing; This video takes dancers, projectors, light, art and design work and mashes it up with an incredible song to convey something truly magical. If you can, definitely sift through their YouTube channel for some amazing videos that are innovative, captivating and educational (without feeling like it).

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Designer Wallpaper


I shared these with an art director/designer friend late last year and he loved them. If you are constantly using InDesign, Illustrator, Flash or Photoshop, they might come on handy for you too. And if they don’t I guess they’re just kinda cool to look at.


If you have one of the more recent versions of Mac’s Spaces (the ability to have different desktops), then you could definitely use all of them at once and or use a couple of them and still have room for personalized wallpapers. If you’re a beginner designer, use these as a learning tool too. Knowing tips, tricks, shortcuts or whatever you want to call them will definitely come in handy.


I’m not sure who actually created these, and I wish I could give them credit here. For all I know these are actually templates created by Adobe. If you’re any other type of designer or developer, I recommend checking [this] out for other really awesome wallpaper design tools.


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