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Travel: Iceland 2015

“Sometimes there’s just so much beauty in the world…”

Shots from my trip to Iceland in November of 2015. 100% filmed on an iPhone6s. Edited in Premiere Pro + After Effects.

Song: “Last Time I Saw You” by Sublab
Voice Over: American Beauty

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Toronto Nightime Timelapse

Toronto the good from Oscar Flores on Vimeo.

If you’ve cruised my blog before, you may have noticed that I’m a big fan of time-lapses… Well there’s a new one based out of Toronto, shot by Oscar Flores, celebrating the city at night and per usual, I love it!

The city at night is a beautiful thing; the lights, the sounds, the energy and more. NYC has always been known at the city that never sleeps, and people have always compared Toronto to the same vibe. I’m not too sure how true this is (and part of me always doubts the comparison), but I do know that it’s pretty darn magical to witness either way.

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The Lego Movie

This trailer is a must watch if you’ve ever owned or played with Legos. The line up of voice characters includes Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Alison Brie, Will Arnett, Channing Tatum and others. I thought the trailer was pretty funny, not hilarious by any means, but still pretty funny. I’m a fan of superheros as well, so I find it interesting that they’re being shown in their Lego form without the crazy kick-ass special effects. I was curious if this was going to be a stop motion film with the Lego, but it’s actually computer animated. I do like how they did sort of make it look stop motion-y in some details though, such as their body and  mouth movements. Pretty cool.

Check out the trailer above and stay tuned after that for the BeyondTheTrailer review with Grace. If you’re a movie lover (especially comic book related ones) I definitely recommend checking out more of her videos.

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Movie Thoughts: Trance


So last night I saw Trance with a friend who had a couple pre-screening passes. Trance stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel. I have a huge soft spot for Mr. McAvoy, so from the time I saw the original trailer, I knew I had to see it. One of my favourite films that he stars in (and I know not everyone loves) is Wanted, with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. I had a suspiscion going into this film that it would have a similar feeling to that movie, and I think I was pretty on track with that.

The gist of the movie is that there’s a stolen painting, that gets stolen from the thieves, aka Cassel and company, and now the thieves aren’t too happy about it. McAvoy’s character, Simon is the only person who knows where it really is. Problem is he has amnesia and needs Dawson’s hypnosis help to uncover it. If that didn’t sum it up enough without spoilers, check out the trailer.


The movie was pretty intense overall and very action packed- and by action packed I mean lots of running, yelling and gun fights, (there’s no real hand to had combat in this one). The movie takes a few, actually quite a few turns and after I walked out I remember saying “What a twist!” but only because it felt like there were so many. If you see this film pay attention! I think that this would be a great movie to see the second time around too, because when you actually know the ending you can re-watch and say “Ah, okay, I see it now”. There were a few moments of shock value, including some gore and nudity and just the right amount of comedy thrown in too.

I liked it a lot. Not sure about my friend. Clearly it’s not going to be for everyone, but if you’re going to the movies this weekend or next anyways, I’d recommend it.

PS. I also heard that Michael Fassbender was originally supposed to play Cassel’s character, Franck. I wish this actually happened because A. It’s Michael Fassbender, B. I think he would have done this roll SO well (dare I say better) and C. Come on, it’s Michael Fassbender.

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