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Oxford Birth Year Word Genorator


This is a pretty interesting word generator that tells you  a word that was added to the Oxford English Dictionary the year you were born!

I was born in 1990, and my word is:

“Emoticon” n.

A representation of a facial expression formed by a short sequence of keyboard characters (usually to be viewed sideways) and used in electronic mail, etc., to convey the sender’s feelings or intended tone.

This makes me feel like I’m 12 years old right now because in my  my mind, “emoticons” weren’t a thing until the days of MSN messenger. I also bet “emoji” made it in this year! Other words from the 90s include: auto-complete, blog, wiki, cybercafe, hacktivism… and bling.

See yours [here]!

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Agency Life: Who Are You?

We all love stereotypes, don’t we?

Well, sometimes they can actually be pretty funny, and in this case, they’re definitely funny for people familiar with agency life. This image was produced for the D&AD launch party for guests. Whether or not people actually wore them is a complete mystery to me. It would be pretty funny to see people running up to each other just to look at the other person’s badge (at least, that’s what I’d be doing).




I guess mine would be “Accounts: I’m here because I’m ‘good with creatives'”- which is true. So true. What would yours be? Don’t see your position here- make one up and tweet me @tiffanymondesir!

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Old Spice & The “Blizkrieg” Technique


“Blitzkrieg” is not a new term in the social media marketing and advertising world. It is however, an underrated and fairly unknown way to market a brand. Interestingly enough, you may be more familiar with blitzkrieg advertising than you think. Even the Old Spice brand put the technique to the test with their Wild Scent Collection campaign earlier this year.

So what is the “blitzkrieg”? The term derives from a German “lightening” military tactic used in the Second World War. The German’s would attack quickly, unexpectedly and intensely on multiple fronts, inhibiting their enemies from properly retaliating. For their army, “lightening war” focuses on three main things; Disruption, constant motion, and utilizing the best military arms and tactics.

Old Spice’s Mr. Wolfdog campaign illustrates how these three tactics can be used to execute unique and impactful advertising campaigns. To read the rest of the article and how Old Spice utilizes this technique in more detail, visit: “Blitzkrieg Marketing In Action

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Classic Art Meets Modern Hipster


This is so great that now I’m not sure what’s better: Hipster Disney Princesses or this.

Pretty amazing concept from Leo Caillard, with retouching from Alexis Persani. These guys make classic art relevant again. Not sure what it is about hipster culture that is so easy to make fun of… I take that back. I know exactly why it’s funny. It’s one of those cultures where stereotypes are so true and so prominent in society that we all find the relatable humor in that truth. Everyone either knows someone who is a hipster, or they are a hipster themselves (even if they want to deny it).

Check out the rest of the images [here]. (via todayilearned.co.uk)

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MiO Sport: Clever Annotations

Annotations: For those of you who have no idea what an annotation is, you’ll probably know what they were if I referred to them as those “clickable boxes you see show up on YouTube videos” (not the ads). Generally annotations are used to say “like this video” or “subscribe to me channel” or “click here to see another video”, but rarely do you see them used in new and creative ways.

Being able to utilize annotations creatively really means thinking beyond just the filming of your video. It means thinking interactively and directionally as to where the video could lead. One of my friends Corey Vidal showed really creative use of annotations earlier to when annotations were first introduced. Many YouTubers, or frequent users are familiar with them, but beyond that there are pretty unknown and under-utilized.


I love this commercial because it uses the social space to get people not just watching, but interacting. “Do you love secrets?” really taps into human nature and into people’s curious minds. The first time I watched this video I didn’t even hover over the screen once, but at the end when they mentioned that there were more hidden videos, I thought “NO WAY- how did I miss that!?” Upon going back you find a handful of clickable annotations that lead you to other videos and even some of those videos lead you to even more. Each additional side video brings you back to the original to hunt for more. For marketers, the numbers would blow you away just because of this one feature.

This video scavenger hunt isn’t new, but it is interesting, creative and fresh in the marketing world. MiO seems to have taken some “Old Spice” advice and isn’t afraid of being a little weird and a little different. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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Social Media Causes Anxiety


This is a pretty funny article, but still unbelievably true. We all have fears, but does social media really amplify our neurotic tendencies. This article shares the complete list of six social-media outlets and their corresponding anxieties:

Pinterest — The Fear of Domestic Inadequacy
Instagram — The Fear of Missing Out
Facebook — The Fear of Personal Failure
Twitter — The Fear of Looking Dumb
LinkedIn — The Fear of Career Failure
Spotify — The Fear of Bad Taste

Read more [here].

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Anchorman & Thrift Shop Mashup

So first of all, this was pretty amazing and I was beyond excited when this showed up on my feed- But with all due respect to John Healy (the mashupper), if I’m going to be perfectly, honest I was a little disappointed…

I wasn’t disappointed because it wasn’t hilarious, amazing or that they weren’t completely fitting for each other and I’m not even disappointed that it wasn’t well edited- because it was all of those things!

I’m disappointed because I need someone to get Ron Burgundy with his flute doing an actual cover of this song. I think that would be completely satisfying.

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