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Hyperlapse by Teehan + Lax + Labs

Well this is different… Different and AMAZING!

Labs is an independent part of Teehan + Lax. They focus on how to frame and use technology in new and creative ways. I think this is really creative and pretty darn rad! This hyperlapse refers to the combination of the common time-lapse and a sweeping motion where the camera is focused on one point but still moving. Because they’re using Google maps, which is essentially still images and not a video format, this become extremely intricate and difficult to make because you have to frame each image perfectly and stitch them together so that they flow into a continuous moving stream. If you think of the way stop motion works frame by frame, this also works the same way image by image. Unlike the normal time-lapse videos where you just hit record and leave your camera out, this is much harder to create. Kudos to these guys, seriously!

Ps. Woo for Toronto for getting in there at the one minute mark!

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