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Reasons to “Like” Mad Men


With the return of AMC’s Mad Men around the corner, and by around the corner I mean the 6th season premiere starts in less than 24 hrs (and yes, I do keep a mental countdown), I decided to show a little love to the show- or a little “like” I guess. I’ve been watching the show for years and of course being an advertising graduate, I’ve always felt a little bit more of a connection to the show because of it. I liked the Mad Men Facebook page a couple years ago, but it was an incredibly tough time for the page because it was when they were on their year and a half hiatus, and the content was lacking- a lot. Now with the return of the show and the new season, they have 125% redeemed themselves and in my books are one of the best Facebook pages out there. So here are a few reasons why you should consider liking them as well (if you haven’t already):

1. You are already a fan of the show.

This one is pretty darn obvious. If you like the show, you will probably benefit from liking the page because it’s already something that you’re interested in. Even if it’s just for the sake of reminding you on a weekly basis that “Hey it’s Sunday- don’t forget that Mad Men is on tonight!” it’s probably a good start. If you’re a bigger fan, a lot of the page’s content will get you more in the know. You’ll see recaps, actor interviews, magazine features and more. You’ll also probably get a little nostalgic reading some of the most popular quotes from the show.

2. You love the Mad Men culture.

Booze, sex, money and all the good stuff that comes with it. If you’re fascinated with the culture surrounding Mad Men or the era that the show is in, all you’re going to get in return from the show is more of that good stuff. A lot of the things people admire about the show are completely reflected in the content. There are plenty of posts about cocktails, happy hour and drink recipes, but there are also amazing highlights about the fashion from the show and decade as well. If nothing else, I guess it’s also cool to look at picture of Don with a glass of whisky in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

3. They like you too.

Who ever runs this page and creates their content needs a big kudos or some sort of award because they are incredibly engaged with their audience and they really know them well. For one thing, they post regularly, which you wouldn’t think deserves that much credit, but honestly for some pages in comparison, it’s definitely worth mentioning. They also promote engagement in forums, by asking thoughts and promoting discussions about the show, such as what they think will happen or thoughts on the last episode etc. One specific thing that caught my eye was their artwork submissions- “submit your are on tumblr and we might feature your work” (my guess is they’ll feature it on Facebook). Now that’s pretty cool. Can you imagine your artwork as their cover photo or something?! RAD!

Anyways, if you like the show, then like the page. And if you don’t watch the show (yet) you’ll still probably love the content that comes out of it. ┬áStay tuned for my thoughts on tomorrow’s premiere soon!

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