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Canvas Craze


Canvas has been part of clothing for years because it’s durable, breathable and it stands out from your everyday cotton. The cool thing about it is that it works for men and women. One of the most well known canvas shoe brands, Tom’s, is a wicked example of this.

I work part-time in retail, so I know the benefits of canvas and the different kinds available and I’d love to share! So, what is canvas? Canvas is a heavy-duty woven fabric. You can get thinner more lightweight plain woven canvas versus a thicker and diagonal woven “twill” canvas,¬† where you can see the weave clearer. Twill is also the type of weave used for most denim and is usually a bit heavier. I don’t have a huge preference of either but obviously it depends on what you’re using it for. If it’s going to be under strain- go thick or go home.


In fashion, we’re seeing a lot of neutrals colours and natural materials. People are getting back to basics and putting a hold on the over the top or synthetic materials. With that being said, leathers and light cottons will also compliment your canvas items (sorry animal activist people). And also opt for canvas that looks raw and no more that slightly treated.

Think of adding these canvas items to your wardrobe: bags, belts, shorts, jackets and of course shoes. I love canvas boat shoes or loafers, like the ones pictured above.

Think of adding similar items with a more feminine touch. Yesterday I picked up these great canvas wedges from Call It Spring (pictured below) and the Austin cross body purse  from Fossil above is next on my list.


Try it out and see what you think, and if you already have canvas, start whipping them back out for the awesome weather to come!

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