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Mini Playlist of the Day: Chet Faker & Flume

Chet Faker solo: Amazing. Flume solo: Amazing.

So what happens when you have two amazing artists come together? You get something magically mesmerizing. These artist’s styles aren’t all that similar as solo acts, but that whole opposites attracts thing really takes into effect here; they compliment each other incredibly well! Flume’s mixes with Chet’s wonderfully sexy, sultry voice means eargasms all over the place. (And yes. I just said eargasm). With the release of their latest collab, “Drop the Game”, I’ve decided to pay tribute and put together this mini-playlist. Enjoy!

1. “This Song is Not About a Girl”– Chet Faker & Flume
2. “What About Us”– Flume & Chet Faker
3. “Drop the Game”– Chet Faker & Flume (above)
4. “Left Alone”– Flume ft. Chet Faker

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Mini-Playlist Of The Day: Cool Down

These songs give me chills, which makes them perfect for summer nights.

I don’t know about your city, but Toronto has been stuck in a sweaty, sticky, muggy mood lately. When I get home from work, all I can do it change into something hardly there, lie on my bed and let my fan cool me down. I’ll press play to my “cool down” playlist and drift off. By this, I don’t mean fall asleep, but drift off in the sense that it’ll just calm me down and allow me to think and breathe again. I have been compiling a few of these songs throughout the start of the summer until now, and I feel like these songs all fit the same beautiful mellow mood. If you just need to chill, relax or even reflect on the day (without falling asleep), give these songs a try:

1. “Desire”- Dems
2. “Falling”- HAIM
3. “Under”- AOSOON
4. “Without”- Sampha

5. “Miasma Sky”-BATHS

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Mini Playlist of the Day: Majestic

If you’re a music fiend, you probably already know about the majesticcasual YouTube channel. I could spend hours scouring YouTube for new music, old music and all the stuff in between. I think it was late last year that I really started getting into the magestic page. The songs they post are generally pretty indie-electronic, but somtimes they add hip-hop on there too. It’s all very chill- I think that magestic is actually the perfect word. It’s great to listen to at home lounging around, at work or watching the sunset on a bench overlooking the water. Check them out. My playlist today also features some great tracks posted by them:

1. “Latch”- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
2. “Fifteen”- Goldroom ft. Chela (Oxford Remix)
3. “Glow”- IYES (above)
4. “We Ain’t Them”- Childish Gambino
5. “Thinkin’ Bout You”- Frank Ocean (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)

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