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N-TRACKS: February


1. “Gooey”- Glass Animals [ABOVE]
2. “Tear It Down”- The Aston Shuffle (Safia Remix)
3. “Habits Of My Heart”- Jaymes Young (Sufjan Stevens Remake)
4. “Demons”- Fenech Soler (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
5. “Stay High”- Tove Lo (Sabotage Remix)


6. “Sock It 2 Me”- Missy Elliott (Kaytranada Remix)
7. “Toms Diner”- Suzanne Vega

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Reckoner- Radiohead (ethikly refuckulated)

I don’t care if this person doesn’t want me to share this. I’m going to anyways…

The other day, my friend Nick sent  me this song as a link through Soundcloud. We have this strange routine where we sometimes talk to each other and sometimes don’t. For some strange reason, when we start our conversations, it always begins with a link to an amazing song- new or old. I don’t know how this routine started, but it’s pretty interesting since we did originally connect based on our similar taste in music. Maybe now it’s the only thing left that we have in common? I don’t know.

Despite this strange friendship/relationship/acquaintanceship we have, I’ve always admired the music he creates himself. It really is all in the details when it comes to this one. Whether you like Radiohead or not, this song is definitely worth a listen. It’s a really cool take on the original and it sort of reminds me of being in a dream. Maybe that’s just me though. If you like it, apparently it’s still downloadable…  so you should get it.

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“Voyeur”- James Blake (Bear//Face Bootleg Edit)

What an unreal mix of this song! I have James Blake’s live album and that thing soothes the crap out of me, and it can put me right to sleep (which I don’t mean in a bad way at all). This mix still has that soothing vibe, but in a completely different way that’s uplifting but raw, dirty and heavy all at the same time. I’m loving the base line and new slightly faster pace. Super chill, super rad.

Ps. James Blake in Toronto tomorrow night? Down!

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“No Angels”- Bastille ft. Ella (TLC vs The XX)

I’ve clearly been on a Bastille kick today…

But luckily while on this kick I discovered this awesome track! It’s TLC’s “No Scrubs” mashed up with The XX’s “Angels”, with some Alfred Hitchcock thrown in (from the movie Psycho). I really love when artists make mash-ups and cover them. It’s so much more interesting than a regular cover and way cooler (although highly debatable) than a remix. Luckily artists do this a lot though. Here’s another one I love from Alt-J called “Slow Dre” which is a mash-up of Kylie Minouge’s “Slow” and Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg’s “Still Dre”. If you know any more awesome ones let me know in a comment or on Twitter!

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Mini Playlist of the Day: To Kill A King Collabs

I discovered To Kill A King through their collaborations with Bastille and I’m still slowly warming up to the stuff they do on their own. I don’t know what it is, but the remixes of their songs and the collabs that they do, they just hit me right away, and I know I’ll love the song right off the bat. Just like this song, “Funeral” remixed by Tyde.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t NOT like their own music. I actually think they’re usually very intricate and quite beautiful overall. It just takes me a few listens to really get attached. If you don’t feel the same then cool, but still check out out their collabs, covers and remixed songs because I definitely think there’s something especially magical there. I’m very fond of almost everything they do with Bastille so I’ve included a few of those below.

1. “Funeral”- To Kill A King (Tyde Remix) (above)
2. “Bloody Shirt”- To Kill A King vs Bastille
3. “These Streets”- To Kill A King ft. Bastille
4. “Oblivion”- To Kill A King (Bastille Cover)

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Cool Covers: “Tessellate” Alt-J (by Emily Donahue)


Woah! Mad respect for this chick. I often really dislike Alt-J covers because nothing can really match Joe’s incredibly unique voice. I was honestly not expecting much of this, especially with it being a Tesselate cover because I think Tessellate is such a detailed song and perfectly suited for Joe. But once again, I was wrong and this girl blew me away! Meet Emily Donahue, a 21 year old singer/ songwriter. Take a listen and clearly you’ll see that her voice is well developed beyond that of an average 21 year old. Great stuff. I think I might even subscribe.

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Phoenix & R. Kelly Live Mashup

What happens when you mashup a classic with a classic- nostalgia overload!

Last night at Coachella during Phoenix’s set, can you believe that none other than Mr. R. Kelly comes out of hiding to mashup his classic, “Ignition” over their classic “1901”?! I must say, this is probably one of the weirdest but coolest live collabs I’ve ever seen. I do love “1901” a lot, and wished there was a little bit more of an even mix to it, but then again if R. Kelly comes to do one song then why not right. I was singing along all the way through, even when R. Kelly threw in a bit from “I’m A Flirt” and Phoenix threw in some of “Cholroform” from their new album to be released later this month. I love nostalgia all the way, so good stuff!

BONUS: Here’s one of my favourite “1901” mashups with “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John called “Nineteen Hundred and One Folks”.

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“Dissolve Me”- Alt-J (Marlais Remix)

Here’s a song for a night in- like tonight for me! I really love the calmness of this remix of Alt-J’s “Dissolve Me” by Marlais. The original of the song is great when you want an up-beat and happy song, but sometimes you just want something chill to. I know they have other really great chill songs already on their album, but alternative versions are awesome too.

Marlais has a few other awesome remixes and original stuff too, so I highly recommend checking those out [here]. If you like Clams Casino, Purity Ring or XXYYXX, I’d say he falls into their categories- whatever they are.



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