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Verified Accounts on Facebook

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Not too sure about how I feel about Facebook having “Verified Accounts”…

The Facebook Verified Accounts are supposed to act almost exactly like the Twitter Verified Accounts; Problem is, is that they’re completely different networks and i feel like it might be unnecessary for Facebook. I think it’s great to know that you aren’t being scammed or aren’t hitting a parody account when you want the real thing, but I feel like that doesn’t really exist on Facebook in the same way. Yes there will always be people that create fake accounts or try to impersonate celebrities, but on Facebook it’s blatantly obvious, unlike Twitter.

When you search for someone, in this case we’ll use Beyonce, on Facebook, the search section clearly tells you how many fans the page has without clicking through to the actual page. This way you can clearly tell “well, this Beyonce page has 1 million fans, and the other one has 3,” you’ll obviously choose the one with more fans because chances are that one is a legitimate account. Also, I believe that celebrities aren’t concerned about their “fan pages” being copied, but more-so personal accounts, which they usually have aliases or fake names for anyways.

Twitter on the other hand, you can search for Beyonce and it will have her name, a one sentence bio and a follow option (the first 2 of which can be easily faked). If you decide not to click through the page and just follow, you may not realize you’ve actually followed @BEY0NCE, the fake account. Also, when it comes to celebrities, these tweets are usually coming directly from their mouths, so having a verified account is beneficial so that they won’t get misquoted. Facebook pages are usually run by PR, and not themselves anyways.

I think that the Verified Account on Facebook would be most beneficial to marketing for international pages, that way people can easily distinguish that this is a managed international page rather than just a fan created one. Other than that, I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference for anyone. It might also be interesting to see how one would “apply” for a verified account, and if it will be as difficult as the Twitter process. I guess we’ll have to see.

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